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4r55e help

The 4R55E has a higher torque rating than the 4R44E. There might be some internal differences. I'm only familiar with the differences on the A4LD which is used on the 3.0L compared to the 4.0L. They have a different bell housing, torque converter, rear snap ring, rear shaft, check ball configuration, and possibly other differences. I'm sure that the 4R44E has other minor differences compared to the 4R55E.

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my 94 x had a 4.0 ohv and a a4ld......

anyone else have input on this? glacier? cd?

so what did you do JImbo?
I am in the same situation, and I am ordering the green epc, since I ordered a red one incorrectly .
I have a 96 Explorer 4.0 with a T code, which would indicate it is a 4r55e.

Did you put the red epc in?

never replaced it, rolled that truck over a year ago.....

its somewhere around... might install it in my ranger when, if ifind it..... my 98 ranger has a 4r44e

i dont even know, i will look around later to see if i can find it

hey brooklynbay, is there a way totell which epc i got? i dont have any clue, the one i got is not colored liek the oems, it has white plastic in that part, also has a black body case, and a blue plastic part holding the actualy spade plugs on the end

is that good or bad? i stated to caycee, i had a 4r55e in my explorer......

eventhough the test was for a 5r55e fleet test...... was told i beleive by someone it wouldnt matter, is this correct brooklynbay?

also..... explorer is gone, and i still have the epc.... can i use it in my ranger? the ranger tranny is a code t 98 ranger 3.0 and from T i have found it to be a 4r44e

They made their specs somewhere around the style of the red band model, but if they say that it will work in both, then it should. They engineered their product a certain way. There was an upgraded solenoid after they came out with this one that they sent some testers if they requested it.

Is there any truth to the trans (4R44E) tuning tip that turning the EPC Solenoid clockwise 1/4 turn makes it shift firmer?

Don't play with the set screw adjustment. You might throw off the pressure setting, and make it worse. This is a high wear component, so the best course of action is to replace it if it's defective. Did you check the EPC pressure with a 0 - 300 PSI test guage?