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4R55E Rebuild - Urgent help!!!

Yeah, i'm positive about that. The gearbox doesn't perfectly fit, unless the torque conv is fully seated, and centered. Plus, i tightened the screws verry well.
I also have the small shaft that comes into the TC. that is ok too.

But you say that the car cand be driven with the TC screws broken?

And again, the TC can be respondible for the delayed engagement and lack of force?


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Well the reverse pawl actually locks onto the notch toothed gear (one piece on the output shaft) in the 4R/5R series, as there is no governor. In the A4LD is more or less does the same thing, except the part that is notch toothed is attached to the output shaft, not one piece, and the governor is bolted ont top of it.

Read Torque converters explained !!

Hello guys,

I just read the sticky aout the TC. So i understand thet the TC is indeed responsible for the initial take-off of the car, and one of the sympthoms is that the tranny feels like being in the 2nd instead of 1st, which i presume is my case. I intend however to perform a stall speed test.

When starting from dead stop, the engine must rev up to 2000-2200 rpm in order to get the car moving. The article says that it could also be a faulty clutch pack or band, but as i changed all the clutch packs and the VB, i tend to blaim the TC.

It also has, as you already know, a delayed engagement in Drive (for which after reading the TC article, i don't blaim the low/reverse servo :) ).

However, if i put the lever in "1", the tranny engaes faster, but also it kind of slippery.

- I would also like to ask you which clutch pack is responsible for the 1st and 2nd? The one closer to the input shell or the other one that comes on top of it, closer to the center support?


Oh, and if i decided to replace the TC, should i replace the oil pump too?

Thanks again



I just performed the stall speed test, and the car started to fight the brake at 2200 rpm. Inside the limits.

So, bad TC or not? Or just internal leaks in 1st and 2nd clutch pack?


P.S. 3rd and 4th works wonderfull, and car seems to have more torque in thees gears.