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4r55e to 5r55e swap?


February 13, 2005
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Bham, AL.
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'95 XLT Control Trac
my '95 tranny aint doing so hot. found a '97 5r55e locally for a good price. how much extra effort is involved in changing these over? is it even possible to use the newer tranny?

I am doing a 96 4r44e to a 01 5r55e right now. I'm using the 5r case and tail with the 4r guts from the center support forward so I can use the 3.0 bell housing.If you get one with a bell housing for your motor should fit right in.I no expert I'm just telling you what I learned since I started this project.The 5r needs a 5R ECU and wiring harness to make it a 5 speed other than that it seems to be the same as a 4R just better built.I think you would need to change the EPC and TCC solenoids to match your vehicle so your ECU will sense and operate them correctly...I found a 5r with very low miles for $250. when I was looking I found quite a few more 5r's than 4r's.Around here they are easier to find and more choices make for a better deal..