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4r70w (not engaging OD)??


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January 8, 2010
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S*#Thole New Jersey
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2000 ranger xlt 5.0
I have a 2wd 4r70w from a 99 mountaineer in my 2000 ranger 5.0. Currently I can't get the truck to engage overdrive. If i leave the od/0ff button off, the trans shifts very erratically like its searching for a gear and will occasionally free rev. If i turn the od/off button on , ( turn off od) It runs thru 1st, 2nd and 3rd normally, ( leaving me with no od, obviously) I haven't ever run into this issue before with any auto tranny's i've dealt with and I am at a loss with were to even start diagnosing this issue? Any idea, experiences, links, or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.