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4R70W Rebuild Diary Part 8 - Case support


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February 8, 2003
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The 4R70W Equivalent of a "Center Support"


This thread will be short. In the center of the stack there is what might be akin to the "center support" in the A4LD and 5R55. In our case though it truly is just that... a support. (In the A4LD and 5R55 is served as a conduit for fluids as well - this one does not). FORD also calls this (accurately I might add,) a "Planetary support".

Two things are interesting. First, in order to get it down past the OD band anchor which sits prominently in the side of the case, it has a cutout. Secondly, there are TWO versions out there, one with a 2nd cutout. I am still investigating but am curious why the additional cutout and where it was used.

(Pic coming)

My guess is that the 2nd cutout was used in the 5.4 liter engine applications, and is for return flow of fluid within the case. But I don't know....so I'll keep you posted and post pics.

(Pics coming)

The FORD part numbers are:

older version: EOAZ-7A130-A List price $40.10
Newer (?) Version 3L3Z-7A130-AA List price, unknown.

You need to install this in the planetary BEFORE installing the planetary. WHY? Because in order for it to be properly set, it has to be installed while you turn it counterclockwise. HARD to do if the planetary is in the case.

So install it first out of the case, and then install the planetary and center support as a unit. You may have to jiggle and wiggle it to get it to engage the splines in the direct clutch hub and settle in where it belongs. It should sit just below where the retaining ring goes in.

Anti - clunk spring

This little spring gets used as a cushion during acceleration and deceleration to prevent the center support from moving and hitting the case and making noise. "Klunk".

(pic coming)

Pic installed

(Pic coming)

Part 9 - Reverse Shell and Sun gear - continues here:



February 7, 2004
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Glacier hasn't been on in over a year, so I doubt it, but I hope he proves me wrong. I'm in the middle of rebuilding a 4r70w right now myself, and these threads have proved to be quite a wealth of useful information.