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4r70w shifting question


September 24, 2002
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2000 eddie bauer
Which happens last in the shifting sequence, the shift to overdrive or the lockup of the torque converter?? My wife's 2000 5.0 AWD EB just started the the shudder on the last shift?? Is this just the dreaded torque converter lockup?? I have changed trans fluid and filter since it started including draining the converter. I used some Castrol Mercon V and a bottle of Lubegard red. Two weeks later it is still doing it. Not as bad when cold or if you ease off the gas just before the last shift. Any opinions??

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My '98 AWD is doing the same exact thing.I ran the scanner on it while driving and found out that the chatter happens on the 3-4 shift while the tcc is at 100% and stayes there during the shift.When it does not do it the tcc drops to around 60% during the 3-4 shift and then comes right back to 100% so the overdrive shift is the last shift you feel,I thought it was the lockup before I ran the scanner on it.I allso found out thanks to BrooklynBay that because of a low presure reading at the epc I might have a loose valve body or a blown vave body gasket not sure if it would cause the chatter or not but I'm going to pull the valvebody this weekend and replace the gasket.


I,m confused, can't youre converter lockup in any gear if youre crusing?

I guess I should have noted my 5.0 AWD has 225,000 miles. This is really the first issue with it. Just wondered if it could be the TCC everybody speaks of. (wherever it is located) or a valve body gasket or what. But you do say the TC lockup is the last event in the sequence??

You can turn the overdrive off, and still observe the torque converter lockup. If it shudders with overdrive off, this would be a clue.

Sounds to me like the overdrive bands are going out, exact same thing happened to mine, which is why I am now replacing my tranny.

Does not shudder with OD turned off.....Fluid and filter changed about 3 weeks ago.

My 98 5.0 is starting it too. Sometimes does it, sometimes doesn't. Fluid changed about 20k miles ago, still nice and red. Has 150k miles on it.
Usually happens at about 50 mph, but also had it studder at about 70 mph. Taking it to a trans shop this week.
I don't think it does it with the OD off.

Just got back from shop 1. They said it's the TCC (torque converter clutch) in the torque converter.
torque converter-$265
labor-$578 (6.8 hours)
fluid and filter-$53
They recommend a complete overhaul kit which would add $500 (parts and labor).
I'll be taking it to another shop later this week for a 2nd opinion.
I assume if they charge $265 for a torque converter then I could prob. get it half price? (That's my experience for most parts) Anyone here bought new?

Does not shudder with OD turned off.....Fluid and filter changed about 3 weeks ago.

If shudder goes away once OD is off, what does that point to?

i never fixed mine. but i did remove some fluid from the trans by sucking it out of the filler tube (It was overfilled). After that I added some lucas trans treatment to bring it back up to the correct level. Have since put about 15,000 miles on it with no shudder. But I'm also not carpooling 4 people to work daily anymore, that may have soemthing to do with it. But I have towed trailers and boats with it and no problems still (knock on wood)