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4R70W Upgrades for towing - Request for assistance.

Added some "no bind"/improved 2-3 Accumulator springs to the stockpile of AOD/E/4R70W parts.


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The oddball pic (above) with no VB/but has the harness installed is to test the ECP circuit. My understanding is, with power applied to the PCM there is an EPC continuity test (EPC open). I cleared the codes and the EPC Circuit Open did not pop on a 20min power up.
So maybe my theory on the accident popping the harness off the aftermarket/no-tab EPC holds water...
We'll know when the VB arrives next week, and I can road test.

Have you tested continuity from the epc to the pcm yourself? With the pan off now is the time!

Not yet, but it's on the list.
The first time I tested the OLD one was with the lead frame off - so sadly, I'll never REALLY know if that was it.
The reason it's wired that wat is so I can ohm from the PCM harness end using the EPC line and signal return under the hood.
PCM Harness (C202) - Pin 81 (EPC Ground)
Battery Junction Box Fuse 13 (Power)

There is a reason ford ditched the soft wiring in 98, you may have found one of them

Well crap.
Summit called, the [Redacted] Heavy Duty Valvebody I ordered February is backordered until August - manufacturer claims they have no cores.
I called [Redacted] before ordering, they were on schedule for a "beginning of April" delivery date, so I ordered via Summit (Cheaper by hundreds).

Looking for alternatives, but for me, this would have been ideal.

Anyways, I ordered a different VB that sale has processed, goes to shipping, scheduled to arrive Wednesday.

I planned on doing my own VB, so I bought all the "Hi-Po" parts first, but then wanted a 2001 so I could use my "TuffPlate" is '01+ only according to Superior. Still on track to be running next weekend.


What have we here?

This appears to be one of the last Sonnax F095 valvebodies until August 2024. Verifed with Sonnax the are out of cores and don't have any in stock.
"Stock on hand" from resellers was the only alternative, Summit called to tell me about their struggles and ask if I wanted to "hold".

But no one has one in stock...
I was able to order one from RockAuto, received an "out of stock" notice, then a message stating a part I was watching was in stock, and my order went through.

It is NOT the F095HD, but it IS a Sonnax reman F095 valvebody with all the Sonnax Mods.

Packaging is top notch, it was unopened from Sonnax, just had the familiar "RockAuto" tape across the top of the package (no magnet :confused: ).


[Blurred rather than REDACTED] - Don't want a Copyright Strike for posting their inserts.

(Box, instructions, top sprayed foam bag, valvebody in sealed bag, bottom sprayed foam bag.)


But even though it is in a sealed plastic bag, there MAY be some leakage...


Looking for clues as to how long it sat on the shelf (right side up!). This test fluid is interesting, feels like ATF, looks like ATF, but hardly any odor.

Sonnax has been SUPER helpful, turns out there are F095's (OEM Shift calibration with all Sonnax Mods and standard line pressure spring) available, just not the F095HD's (Heavy Duty).

From the Lot # they found this F095 was manufactured June of 2023.

We already know the next batch of F095HD's isn't until August 2024, and a fairly exhaustive search came up with no "in stock" parts from the resellers.

There is a pressure rising spring and a 2-3 shift spring, and some "calibration " (J-Mod) differences between them. Doing the J-Mod voids the lifetime factory warranty - if you are concerned about such things.

Just saying...

Don't want to duplicate stuff, so look HERE.