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4th Gen - Extended Upper Control Arms with Uni-ball joint

Hi guys

experiencing some kind of polyurethane bushing noise after BTF arms installed.what do you guys suggest to do?

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Installed 6mm grease zerk fittings,in the middle of each arm bushing (similar to procomp and camburg for toyota and f150 arms- just between two bushing parts).BTF better put these fittings too

Brandon never answered...

The weldings and the whole BTF arm design are wellmade but they need to improve their customer experience.


finally got an answer from Brandon that confirmed the main idea of zerk fittings in my case:


Lubricated with marine grade MoS2 grease.
Control arms bolts needs to be released or grease wont go thru all the sleeve lenght and under washer surface.

Upper BTF Uniball lubricated with PTFE lube and sealed (bottom seals are energy suspension universal boot and the top seals are modified 2.75inch stainless sleeve (inner dia approx. 67mm with plastic profile cap - rtv106 fully sealed from the top and the bottom of the sleeve)


How dust covers work:


About 20000 miles and the bushings are totally destroyed.

Replaced with Energy Suspension p/n bulk-2004 or p/n 9.9489.

Inner sleeve could be reused,depends on the p/n used.

Small (caused bushing collapse ) washers replaced to the full diameter ones. the initial reason for the noises (see my previous post) though.

The btf washers are too small to restrict the control arm forward/rearward moving.

20221127_102336.jpg 20221127_195713.jpg IMG-20221128-WA0008.jpeg

Amazon product ASIN B001U7JFY4
Note: Replacement bushing metal sleeve should be shortened to L= 45.60 minus 0.05 mm
Poly half bushings small diameter lenght should be shortened to approx 18.50 mm

UCA fasteners: loctite 243 used on cleaned threads only (approx 12 hours of indoor curing )

use thin coat of PTFM grease on the bushing surfaces.