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4th gen mirrors


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September 3, 2009
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Hartford County, CT
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2005 XLT V6 4x4
I'm upgrading my mirrors to 4th gen heated mirrors. Hoefully the second one will be here today. I actually got 2 mirrors two days ago but they delaership i ordered them from (Team Ford Parts) accidently sent me 2 LH mirrors. Opps. They came though and made it up in the end having the correct RH mirror drop shipped from the warehouse.

I was going to wait until after my wedding this fall to do this but while I was gone this summer for some training my fiance took my Explorer to the grocery store and someone smashed the mirror on it (or at leats thats what she told me... the marks on the garage door trim tell a different story :rolleyes:).

I have looked over the guide that was posted. Is there anything I should watch out for?

I got them installed this afternoon. It took 45 minutes total for both sides. Only ran into 2 problems. 1. I dropped a mirror nut in the passenger side door. 2. The driver's side needed some guides shaved off of the alignment... uhhh... nipple? and the area around the plug.

Other than that, I now have heated 4th gen mirrors on my 05!

Oh, and the drivers side mirror doesn't go as far left as the 05 did. I like my mirrors out far to eliminate blind spots. Oh well.

I like the 4th gen better than the 3rd gen ones, no blind spots at all for me, might help that I have the small round blind spot mirrors too :)