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4WD Binding on tight turns


June 27, 2004
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95 eddie bauer
Hey guys, I need some help before i lose my freaking mind. Ok quick breakdown, I have a 95 Eddie Bauer 4.0 SOHC, automatic with a 4r55e Trans and a 4405 Borg Warner TC. I had an issue, lost all gears in the trans a while back, dropped the trans, turns out the interior gears on the Torque Converter were destroyed, replaced the Converter, flushed the system, and if I remember correctly, everything was fine. Now when I put in 4WD and take a sharp turn, the 4WD binds really bad, feels like something is going to snap. No issues in 2WD. In fact, if I switch from 4wd to 2wd while it's binding, you can feel something pop free.
So did some research, and an going to try the 2 hall effect sensors on the Transfer Case.Sounds like they send the speed info to control the 4WD locking. Located under the rear drive shaft on the TC and behind the transfer case shift motor. Only problem, I can't find the parts online. I prefer not having to go to the dealer because it's a decent drive. Does anyone have a p/n or link. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Tires all the same? 2 new 2 used or any combination of mix and match tires.

All the same brand / wear. They were all replaced the same time less than 2 years ago.

Hey guys, so i was able to track down the p/n last night.



I'm not sure which is which, they supposedly have a lead wire that is a diff color that I will need to match up to the old ones. Should receive one on 11/23 and the other on 11/28, I will give an update after I install them.

Thanks for the information. Keep us posted.

Hey guys, so both the hall sensors came in at the same time and it took care of the binding issue, just in time for winter lol. Here are the p/n 's off the Motorcraft boxes:

Front shaft

Rear shaft

As for the front/rear, I'm 90%sure i got them correct, also note that everywhere i checked online were saying that these won't fit my Eddie, but they were same exact fit and wire length / color code. And just a reiterate, 1995 Eddie Bauer, 4.0 w/4r55e trans and Borg Warmer 4405 TC. Total the cost me $100 off of Amazon. Hope this helps anyone with similar issues.

Glad it worked out for you. Thanks for sharing the part numbers. Good job