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4wd coil seats


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July 18, 2013
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1991 Ford Explorer EB
My buddy wrecked and parted out his F150. He had some suspension components lying around. He has two parts that look like coil seats. Its 4wd, will they work to raise my 91 X?

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Depends on what year F-150 and whether they will even fit.

Usually it's the 2WD F-150 coil seats that are used to raise the front end of an Explorer, but there's no telling exactly what coil seats are on your buddy's F-150.

I will post a pic

I have some of the 2wd f-150 coil seats, the kind most here use, and they have a pin facing down to help keep them in place.

I also have 1 (I can't find the other) from a 4wd f-150, at least that is what I think it came from. It doesn't have the pin facing down BUT the hole in the center is big enough and the "seat" is big enough for an explorer spring to sit on. What I did notice is that it was shorter than the typical 2wd f-150 lower spring seat.


Here they are

Gonna use a cutting torch and a grinder and get them circular all around. What do you guys think? My apologies for the large pics

Those aren't the kind of "raised up" coil seats that will give a 2 inch lift.

Those look to be just a bit thicker than the stock Explorer coil seats, like putting a washer or two under it. You might get 1/4-1/2 inch of lift but that's it.

The F-150 coil seats for a 2 inch lift are like these:


Here's the thread on installing them:


You can of course also just use steel washers that have a 1.25 inch hole and a 3 inch outer diameter. Sometimes those are even better because you can get just the amount of lift you want.

How about something like this?

Or this?

..If you read thru the thread Anime posted for you, you will find a few different options on how to do this for cheap..;)

..If you read thru the thread Anime posted for you, you will find a few different options on how to do this for cheap..;)

I actually read the post numerous times. I've read about washers and so forth. I'm just rying to find ordinary things lying around that could be used as spacers

I wouldn't use "other things" laying around as spacers, because they aren't usually made out of material that will stand up to long-term use.

Steel washers are VERY inexpensive, and you can get up to a 2" lift for just a few bucks in washers. Even regular steel washers will be plenty strong and should last a lifetime.

They do make "lift spacers" from polyurethane, and some people have machined them from aluminum, but when it comes to strength, cost, and durability, steel is king.

Call or go to your local fastener supply place and inquire about 1-1/4" flat washers that have a 3 inch diameter. Get however many you need for the lift you think you want.

You can even weld them together and weld the F-150 spring seat on top of that (as long as they aren't over 2" tall from the bottom to where the spring sits) for a custom bulletproof spacer.

How many steel washers would I need per side to get a 2" lift in the front? I bought warrior shackles for the back

How many steel washers would I need per side to get a 2" lift in the front? I bought warrior shackles for the back

A couple things here...

The Warrior shackles (WAR-153) aren't quite 2" of actual lift over what you have now. Your getting closer to 1.5" lift in the rear.

While experimenting with the washers, I'd start with 8 or so and see how much lift you really get. From what I've seen, you get more lift than you added in spacers. Once you figure how many you really need, just throw a weld down the side. Heck, you could JB weld around the side to keep it in 1 piece if you wanted.


Because of the length and angle of the TTB, and it isn't a solid axle, you actually get about 1.5 times the lift height of whatever spacers you use.

If you want 2 inches of lift, you only need to raise the bottom of the spring ~1.25 inches.

If you use 2 inch spacers, you actually get THREE inches of lift. ( 2 x 1.5 = 3 )

So, stack washers for about an inch of lift, throw the cut up F-150 spring seat on top of that, and you'll be somewhere around what you need. Take away a washer if need to stay under 1.25-1.3 inches.

Don't forget to buy the right alignment bushings for 2.0, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, or 3.0 degrees of camber correction.