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4WD HIGH, no low. Lights flash .. sometimes


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April 15, 2008
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'95 XL
I read through the posts here, but my problems seems to be a bit different! I have a 95 XL. I don't think I have the 'auto 4wd'. I have a switch (not push button) on the dash that says 2wd/4wd auto/4wd low. It is a V6/Automatic.

Every other day or so, my 4WD/4WD LOW light flash 6 times ( a couple times in a row).

Tonight I 'played' with the switch. With the truck running, in park, I moved the switch to all positions. (tonight the 4wd/4wd low was NOT flashing). I moved it to 4WD AUTO and the '4wd' light came on in the dash. I moved it to 4WD LOW and the 4wd low light did NOT come on, however the 4wd standard light remained on. When moved back to 2WD, the 4wd standard light went off. I tried this repeatedly and could NOT get the 4WD LOW light to come on.

I know the 'light' is good due to periodic flashing (above).

My 2 symptoms seem to be:

1. It will NOT go into 4WD LOW (seems to go into/and out of 4WD Standard just fine).
2. 4WD/4WD LOW flashes 6 times periodically (every other day or so).

When the light says that I am 'in' 4WD Standard, i'm not sure if I really am or not.....was parked and on pavement.

Autozone does not (or at least they say they don't) have a ODB I Scanner, so I have no codes. I read in post about a HALL sensor, but I don't think my 95 has that (due to the manual 2WD/4WD AUTO/4WD LOW SWITCH).

Any ideas on what I might check? Thanks for any input! Cheers!


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To get into 4wd low you need to have the truck in neutral. As far as the flashing lights go, I have the same issue. Do a search for flashing 4wd and you will find a lot of information. It could be electrical or something to do with the transfer case.

I think it has to be in neutral and the brake on to shift into low. I know I have to have the clutch in and brakes on.

You do have two hall sensors. Check the BW4405 rebuild thread.

You can check OBDI codes with a piece of wire but flashing 4x4 lights will not throw a code in the PCM.

You can check OBDI codes with a piece of wire but flashing 4x4 lights will not throw a code in the PCM.

Correct. The 4WD functionality is controlled by the GEM. The dealership can read the codes.

If the lights don't come on until you start moving, odds are one of the sensors is sending an erroneous reading while the vehicle is moving. I hate recommending it, but a good dealership tech will be able to watch the GEM PIDs and see exactly which sensor it is (unless the DTC points it out first).


Had the same problem. My fuse under the hood had blown.