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4wd Low & 4wd High Lights Flashing - help


March 12, 2008
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Guelph, Ontario Canada
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2000 XLT
I drive a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT

I just started noticing that when i'm driving along in auto, my 4WD low and high lights flash, the lights that come on the dashboard, when you switch into Low or High. I don't understand what this mean? They flash for a few minutes, then stop, then about 5/10mins later they start flashing again, then stop.
Any thoughts or help would be great!!

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Mine only does that when I have taken out a fuse to shut off the dome lights when I have the doors open. I would check the fuses and if it's not that try pulling out the deck unit area and making sure the 4wd switch is still plugged in... that would be the stuff i've had to do before... hope it works out for yea..

Well I will definitely give that a try. I just noticed it a few days ago, so maybe something's come loose. I'll let you know how that goes.


mine does this same thing (the flashing) but all the time (every so often). even in park. also i can't get the indicator lights to come on full for hi or low. it seems like it is engaging into 4hi, but i can't get it to go into 4lo.

also, mine only flash 4 times instead of the 6 that i have seen posted most often.