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4wd to 2wd conversion


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January 9, 2007
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1997 XLT 4X4
It's not a typo, i wanna know how difficult it is to convert a 96 4wd 4 door expo to 2wd. I searched the forums and couldn't come up with a complete answer.
I know the 4wd's run torsions and the 2wds run coils but are the spindles the same? and can i just run 2wd spindles on 4wd drive suspension or are they different?
If i can will i run into problem with the differential do i have to plug it with cv shaft ends and will; that mess it up spinning freely. or can i just disconnect the driveshaft at the t case or the differential?

i mainly want to do this because 2wd lift spindles are cheap and easy and i rarely if ever use 4wd my expo is more of a street truck right now. its got a TT and shackles and add a leafs on 32's but i want a lil more height and a lil bigger tire

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That could quite possibly be the stupidest thing I have heard to do.. Sell your truck and go buy a 2wd it would make more sense.

2wd also uses torsion bars. 95-01? And I have heard that the spindles for 2wd and 4wd drive are not the same I believe. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

But it is possible that most people in here will tell you to just buy a 2wd vehicle as stated above. Don't get discouraged though = )

I might stand corrected-but I believe the transmission output shafts are a bit different-meaning a transmission swap will be in order--
Then, a different length drive shaft-and removal of the front axle.

I'd be on the hunt for a 2wd owner who wants 4wd-maybe you could just swap parts--

thanks for the input guys..but i don't necessarily want a 2wd i just thought if it would be easier to lift i would go two wheel drive.all i was wondering is if it would be a hassle or not...its not worth me getting rid of my truck to lift a lil more, my expo is way to clean for the year to get rid of. im not against spending the money to lift the 4wd the right way...i was just wondering if there was an easier way....and i have a 2inch body lift for it but wont put it on because i am not a big fan of seeing that much frame

If you don't mind spending $2,000 they have a 4" suspension lift here:
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I'm not a fan of frame showing either.