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April 24, 2009
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2003 Limited
Hi. I know this topic has many threads but there just doesn't seem to any clear cut answer. I don't see my exact sympton so hopefully someone can help. I have a 2003 Explorer Limited. I boosted a friends car and after an hour of driving, I got the ABS and ADVANCTRAC trouble in as well as 4 hi blinking occassionally. Now they are in all the time.
I checked the fuses (all good) and the shift motor. The wires are in tact and it appears to me the motor is operating. (makes a humming noise and a slight vibration)
Now when I turn at low speed the truck almost seizes up and is hard to move then it's fine when I straighten out. When I engage H hi the light stays solid and the same with 4 low. When i select 4 low I also get T/C ON on the message center. When I activate them, I do not hear any clicking from the
4x4 module in the glove box. When I unplug the module, I don't have any binding etc on low speed turns.
Any advice would be appriciated.