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4x4 and 4 low lights dont work (but 4wd works)


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August 19, 2009
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93 XLT
My 4wd and low range work fine. The bulbs in the dash instrument cluster (not the lights for pushbutton 4wd, I have a manual shift t-case) are good. The lights still wont light up. What gives? Is there some sensor on the t-case that may be broken or not plugged in?

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Do they light up when you turn the ignition switch from OFF to ON, before you start the truck? If not, you have bad bulbs. If so, I'd say there was a bad connection on a terminal at the module.

They don't light up when I turn the ignition to ON, and the bulbs are good. I tested them each in the anti lock slot that does light up.
Where is this module? I thought only pushbutton 4x4 had the module?

Is the "check oil" light supposed to come on as well, with they key at ON?

You may have some blown fuses. Also there is a switch or sensor what ever you want to call it on the manual T/C.

just checked all my fuses. They are good.Anyone know the location of the switch on the T/C? I have a 1990 Ranger with a manual shift, so it should be a BW1350, right?
Any chance it could be a problem with the circuitboard on the back on the cluster?

Okay. Breakthrough.
I got this truck from my dad who bought it brand new. The transmission was replaced at one point, and whoever did it ripped off ripped off the connector from two wires and cut two other wires (going to some sensor) in two. I spliced the two wires and plugged what was left of the connector into a nearby female connector (that wasnt plugged into anything. 4x4 and Low Range lights not work. Backup lights still do not work.
Pictures are coming.

Okay, Im guessing this is for the 4wd and 4 low lights, cause it goes to a sensor on the top of the T-Case

and maybe this is for the backup lights.... not sure. I plugged the ends in, but im not sure it did anything....

Ignore the obvious tranny fluid leak. Im pretty sure its from the shift rails, and thats next on my list.
Any ideas on what the stripped connector and plug are for?

Not sure but the thing with red on it in the picture looks like where that connector should be pluged. Check it out and see if it fits there.

I think thats the reverse light switch.... and there is something already connected to it. I sprayed the area with brake parts cleaner, so the leak looks worse than it really is