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4x4 auto hubs on '93 noisy on tight turns.


February 6, 2010
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Denver, CO
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97 Explorer EB
4x4 was working fine. :navajo:I just replaced my front axle rotors and bearings during a brake replacement. Everything went fine. Two weeks later, I decided to test the 4x4 auto hubs and found that the passenger side makes a lot of noise during tight turns (driving around a cul-de-sac). Straightaways and right/left turns no problem. I took off my wheels and noticed the passenger side Cams had some bent points (fingers) and there wasn't much grease (the driver side had grease). I will likely have to replace the passenger side Cam. What could have happened?

Welcome to this forum! I've moved your thread into the stock 91-94 section. There's no way to know how much damage there is unless you take it apart. Did you use the correct wheel bearing grease? You should check the opposite side just to be safe. It might need more grease.

The part time 4x4 system on the 1st Gen X's should not be used on high traction ground. This includes wet road. When the transfer case is engaged the front and rear drive shafts are linked, but when you turn the front tires and rear tires are moving in a different arc. This means something has to give. In low traction areas it is the tires the slip. If you did the test on pavement it sounds like the hub gave first.

The hub is normaly the weakest link since it is the easiest part to change.

Soo, it "sounds" like the hub went when it was used on pavement which was actually a good thing. Other wise the driveline bind could have taken out a u-joint which is much harder to change.



Thanks Mark. I agree, the auto hubs are less trouble to replace.