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4x4 auto not engageing while moving


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November 7, 2010
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lewes de
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i have a 96 ohv just had front axle seals replaced when i got it back checked to make sure 4x4 still worked and u guessed it not working the vac lines and electrical plug were not connected i pluged them back in no problem 4x4 will engage if sitting still (4x4 auto) when moving even just off the break idle in gear if i turn the switch to 4x4 auto nothing happens and about 30 sec later 4x4 and 4x4 low lights flash and ides on what this could be i have the brown wire mod done to

I'm having a very similar problem with my parent's '95. After doing some reading I'm starting to question if it's the speed sensors on the transmission that are the culprit but I have no idea yet. Just a place to start.

How many times does the lights flash? On my parent's they flas 6 times, then a long pause and flases 6 more times.

Anyone else have any input or experice on this problem?

mine is doing the same thing 6 flashes it worked fine until it was unpluged i try to cycle the 4x4 every two weeks i was told it was good to do that ill try changing the speed sensor