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4x4 control module????


November 11, 2006
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2002 eddie bauer
I am having problems with the transmission shifting between 2-3 (like shifting a manual car), 3-4 (slips around 2800 RPM). I took it to the dealership since it is under warranty. They said there is a TSB to replace the 4x4 control module. The TSB 05-21-4 says it is a shudder in 2nd and 3rd gear on acceleration. Would this through a code if they hoowed it up or are they just taking a guess at it. They wanted $600 to do it for a 15 minute job and $200 part. My question does the 4x4 control module control how the transmission shifts? Everything that I read is it just controls shifting into 4x4 low/high etc. I already had the PCM reprogrammed last year during a torque converter replacement.



Publication Date: October 5, 2005

FORD: 2002-2003 Explorer

Some 2002-2003 Explorer 4X4 vehicles without AdvanceTrac (Interactive Vehicle Dynamics - IVD) equipped with an automatic transmission may exhibit a shudder in 2nd and 3rd gear on acceleration. This condition may be more pronounced when the vehicle is under load.

Replace the 4X4 control module following the procedure in Workshop Manual Section 308-07A. Refer to the Part Application Table for the correct part number to install.

Part Application Table
Build Date (Off Build Plate) Build Plant 11th VIN Digit Part Number
Built prior to 3/4/2002 Louisville U 1L2Z-7E453-A
Built on or after 3/4/2002 Louisville U 2C5Z-7E453-A
Built prior to 3/11/2002 St. Louis Z 1L2Z-7E453-A
Built on or after 3/11/2002 St. Louis Z 2C5Z-7E453-A

It *could* be the problem, but I wouldn't hold my breath due to the fact that you have OTHER associated symptoms that are not specified in the TSB (the slip into 4th). If it's not shuddering IN 2nd or 3rd, just between the shifts, I would call it a mis-diagnosis by a short-sighted tech and a putz of a service writer that tried to diagnose it for them. I would ask to talk to the technician that made the diagnosis (not the service writer) and pick his brain a little bit.

Also, I would expect that if they throw a part at it and it fails to remedy the problem, they should either remove it and reinstall the original, and/or eat the cost to replace it. You're not paying them to guess what the problem is, you're paying them to accurately diagnose and repair it.

I suspect that if they replace the module, it'll still need trans work, but that's just my opinion based on the info you told us in this post...

Let us know how it works out and what they find. Good luck!!


Thats what I was thinking. Thats why I was curious if there would be a code if they actually ran diagnosis on it or they just searched TSB's. They charged me $120 to diagnose it but all I think that they did was look at TSB's and didnt do anything else. I am going to give them a call in a little bit and see if I can talk to the tech who worked on it.

I went back and took a ride with the Tech that worked on my car. On my way there the car slipped as much as 500 RPM as soon as I take him out I cant get it to do it. We drove all over the place. My luck. I got to talking to the guy and he showed me the shudder that he thought I was talking about. You really have to step on it to feel it. Which I never do so thats why I never felt it. He said the car didnt throw any codes and thats all he could find. He told me to adjust the bands and how to do it, but I am not to sure if i want to do that myself. It sounds easy but I never did any transmission stuff. It sucks having the ESP because you get screwed if they dont find anything and you have to foot the bill. That is why the guy doesnt want to go tearing anything apart and I have to foot the bill. By the way as I am leaving the first 3-4 shift it slips. I think I am going to bring a camcorder out with me this weekend and drive around and try to catch it so they know I am not nuts.