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4x4 dash idiot light on while running


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October 13, 2009
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Rochester, NY
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2006 Mountaineer v8 AWD
It seems like I might be joining the club of Mountaineer tranny problems. Was traveling on a long trip when the 4x4 dash light came on about 20 miles from home. Pulled over and noticed some noises just prior to coming to a halt. Also seemed to do it when rolling after putting it in gear and the same with rolling and turning. I braved ahead and drove it home. With road noise, was unable to tell if noises were there, but the truck shifted smooth other than the very low speed stuff. Can't see any leaks underneath. Tranny does not have dipstick. Vehicle is a 2006 V8 AWD Mountaineer. I'm going to need to take it somewhere, so any info I can be armed with prior to the service would be great. Thanks!