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4x4 dash light flashes


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November 1, 2017
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Augusta, MI
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1996 Explorer Sport
Hello, I am new to the forum. I have a 1996 Explorer Sport; 4x4, manual.
My 4xr4 indicator dash lamp comes on when I first switch to 4x4, but then after a time, flashes and turns off. The lamp cycles through a series of several flashes every 5 minutes or so. The 4x4 seems to be working fine but I am wary of an impending problem. Any suggestions?

We could make some guesses. Could be a bad speed sensor, wiring, switch contact, etc. If you want to read the code, and not play games, I suggest a software called FORSCAN. It is free, works great for your 96 and will pinpoint your issue. An adapter (such as BAFX on Amazon) should run you $20. The software pairs with bluetooth. These codes are read with expensive readers at a dealer or a shop, usually with a $100 fee. They are not OBD related.


If I understand the various FORSCAN downloads, the one you need for your Android phone is FORSCAN LITE..( which is not free)...correct? Also, I'm going to order a BAFX adapter and was wanting to confirm that what I need is the 34t5?