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4x4 doest work??


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March 21, 2003
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94, no mods
I have a 94 exploder and all the sudden the 4x4r doesnt work when i hit the button. I want to change it out to manual hubs but what culd be wrong. I hear no noise and no light comes on. Please help


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transfer case motor?

The most common failure is in the Transfer Case Shift motor. This has been covered in many threads so I won't repeat hear, but I'll get you started with this one: Shift Motor Thread It should answer most if not all of your questions. Post if anything is unclear or you have questions after reading through it all.

I'd agree it'll most likely be the electric transfer case motor. REmove the harmonic balancer, and meet it with a hammer a few times. If no success, you can remove it and clean it out. If you're not that way or a slacker (like me) you can replace it. Kinda expensive and only available from Ford. A little over $300 from what I remember.

You'll be able to find the Shift motor on Ebay an other sites for under $200.