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4x4 high and 4x4 low lights flashing in gauge cluster


December 18, 2005
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Ft. Wayne Indiana USMC
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97 4x4 Sport
installed cd player and sub today and noticed while testing that the 4x4 lights were on in the dash both of them flash at the same time, i also did the brown wire mod but that cant be the problem. all the stereo **** works fine i wonder if the plug to the selector switch came loose messing around with that trim panel. Could that be it? also my windows dont work now....my dumbass prolly blew a fuse i was messing around with the dome light and popped that fuse cause none of my interior lights work when i open the door. COuld somone point me to a fuse panel diagram and help me with the 4x4, :mad: also when i turn it to 4 high it DOES NOT light up on the dash

Check the plug first. If it is ok then take negative terminal off the battery for 20 minutes . Then reconnect the terminal. You may just have a computer glitch. This could be the problem with the 4x4 lights . I'm not sure on the power windows . That should not be involved with any wiring with the stereo.

^^ what he said for the 4x4 issue as for the fuse pannel it is on the interior when you open the door it is in the pocket that is usually covered by it twoards the front of the vehicle. as for a fuse pannel diagream your owners manual has one.