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4X4 indicator lights


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December 10, 2005
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Gardnerville Nevada
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1995 Ranger 4X4
Hello Everyone

I have a 1995 Ranger 4X4. When I engage the electric 4X4, the shift motor engages and the indicator lights come on. All is well, however when I turn on the headlights the 4X4 indicator lights go off. The truck is still in 4 wheel drive. When I turn off the headlights the 4X4 indicator lights come back on. I must admit, that I have never used the 4 wheel drive at night with the headlights on so I don't know if this is normal. No mention of this in owners manual. Thanks for any help.

Its more than likely the bulb on the dash cluster that lights up the 4x4 light that is out.


The 4X4 indicator lights on the cluster work. It's the fact that they go out, when I turn on the head lights.


Are you sure the lights are going out or could they just be dimming. I don't know much about the 95 model year but various indicator lights on my 02 Ranger dim when the headlights are turned on. If they are going out you might check the dimming mechanism (if you have one) to see if it is working properly. I doubt the bulb has a dimming function, the voltage is probably reduced to make the light dim.