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4x4 Issues: Flashing Lights


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August 8, 2011
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2003 Explorer 4.8 AWD
I have a 1995 Explorer and I've been having some 4x4 issues. Last year I had a problem where the 4x4 auto/ low lights would flash and my power windows wouldnt work. Well, I figured out that was the accessory delay relay, so I fixed that and I thought it was all good. I also replaced the wheel bearing assembly in the passenger front and that included a new abs sensor which was also installed

I live in Michigan, and until about February I didn't use the 4x4 since I have the LSD and it usually does pretty good. Well, I managed to go in the ditch and blow a brake line because it flexed and was rusty. I fixed all of that, but I wanted to always use 4x4 all the time after that :banghead:. Well, 4x4 low works fine, but my 1995 has settings for 2 HI, 4x4 auto, and 4x4 Low.

My problem is with 4x4 auto. When driving, even on smooth dry pavement, I can engage the 4x4 and drive for 20 minutes or so and everything seems fine and the 4x4 seems to work the way it should. Then the 4x4 Auto/ Low lights will flash 6 times and then both lights will go out and 4x4 auto is no longer engaged. However, the 6x flashing still happens every 2 minutes or so. I can't even reset the switch and have it reengage. The ignition has to be turned off before it lets you engage it again.

I ordered a rear abs speed sensor since it was cheap and I heard it sometimes causes problems, but it really is a shot in the dark. I also wanted to note that there was a brown (if I remember correctly) wire going to the transfer case shift motor that was hanging by one strand of copper wire and it broke off when I touched it. I re- soldered it best I could, but it happened right at the connector so it was kind of a sketchy repair, I did however do a continuity test and it seemed fine so I don't think that it is the problem (also, I'v read the shift motor has nothing to do with the engagement of the front axles).

Any suggestions?

So, I replaced the sensor in the rear diff. 4x4 works great, but the abs starts pumping even on dry pavement. I can't win lol. I put the old sensor back in for now and for the small amount I drove it tonight it works. There was a fair amount of gunk built up on the sensor so maybe that was the problem. Starting to think it might be a relay somewhere hmmmmm

Any help guys? I want to sell this thing sometime this summer so I want to get some things fixed up enough that it will be sell-able. The rear diff sensor I bought was plastic, while the old one was all metal and looks like the ones they put in the 94's, so did I get the wrong part?

are you still on this forum ? did you ever get it fixed ?

take care,