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4X4 lights flashing


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May 27, 2005
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Pigeon Forge, TN
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2000 Explorer Sport
I have a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport and recently something wierd has started happening. The truck runs great but every few minutes the "4X4 high" and the "4X4 low" lights start flashing. They flash for a few seconds then stop. Every couple of minutes it happens again. I can't seem to find any answers in the owners manual. What does it all mean? Thanks for any help! :confused:

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hey do a search, this has been covered many times - its usually the transfer case shift motor.. but the search will give u more details.

disconnect your battery for about 30 minutes, it will reset the computer and fix it.

Have you checked you fuse panel under the hood? My X 4x4 started the flashing. So making sure it wasn't by chance. I first disconnected the battery for 30 min, but that didn't do it. Well, I had the windows down and was going to put them up but none of the switches worked. I checked the fuses for the windows and the big 30Amp in the fuse panel in the engine bay was blown. I replaced it and the windows work again. The plus side is the 4x4 high low not flashing anymore. I put the blown fuse back in and started it up and the 4x4 started flashing. Put the new one in and no flashing. I think something is connected that Ford doesn't tell you about.

4squared said:
disconnect your battery for about 30 minutes, it will reset the computer and fix it.

That is just doing the band-aid method. You won't discover what caused the lights to flash. Consider it this way, say it was winter when you needed the 4WD and the lights flashed. Sure your 4WD would reset itself after your disconnect the battery but you are only prolonging the problem.