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4x4 Lights Flashing!!!


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April 14, 2002
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1997 Sport 4x4
Both my 4x4 and 4x4 Low lights started flashing intermediately over the last couple of days. The manual says see dealer! Does any one know what might cause this. My explorer hasn't been driving in about 3 weeks and after i drove it for one day and changed the oil the lights started flashing. Any help would be appreciated.

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Do they flash while in 4wd or only in 2wd? You can try disconnecting the battery cable and resetting the computer. Or try putting it in 4wd low, if you hear the clunk engaging then you know your system is fine. Mine has been blinking, but the system works, so im not too worried.

They flash in 2 wheel drive. I tried to engage 4X4 and it didn't engage. I am going to try resetting the computer and engaging 4x4 high and low.


Could be your t-case. do you have the push button engage? if your t-case is goin bad or already bad it will slip in and out of 4. other than that mgiht be wiring but doubtfull...do a search man. theres tons of stuff on here that will answer your question

My 99 Sport did the same thing about a year ago. 4x4 High and Low lights would flash on and off for no reason and with no particular pattern. Sometimes they would and sometimes they wouldn't. Mine was a short in the dash from the factory. It was fixed under warranty and I don't remember whether the cause was a faulty relay or the short fried a relay but they had to replace a couple of relays before it was fixed. Anyway my advice is to take it to Ford.

If the lights flash 6 times in a row it means your speed sensors are going bad

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