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January 30, 2011
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new york, ny
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2002 xlt
I have a 2002 Explorer XLT with the push button 4x4 option. About a year ago, the 4x4 functionality failed and I have been trying to get it sorted ever since. I replaced the motor on the transfer case, checked all relays and fuses and finally replaced the 4xcm transmission control module. Upon changing the module, I coule not shift into drive and the shifter seemed locked in Park. Upon investigation, I discovered that the Brake fuse (no. 23) was blown. Replaced the fuse and it was blown as soon as I hit the brake to shift into drive. Changed the fuse and reinstalled the original module, hit the brake, and the fuse blew. I had a mechanic look at it and he advised me that I had a short in the electrical system. I asked him why it would happen even after I reinstalled the original part, he said he had no idea. I am thoroughly baffled and at my wits end. This truck is making me nuts now. I was wondering if anyone had the same issues, and how they managed to get this fixed. The truck drives fine, but I have no 4x4 and NY has been getting slammed with snow. Thank you very much for any advice/help.

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Was this happening when you replaced the shift motor or just the module?

Hey VictorV,
This happened as soon as I changed the module. I thought the module was at fault and reinstalled the old one, but the fuse still blew. Right now, I have the module off and the car drives normally. Seems that somehow the Brake circuit gets overloaded with the module in place (new or old) and this never happened when the old module was in place. I changed nothing else and a mechanic checked the replacement motor and said it was fine. I just don't want to spend a boatload on my car because I really don't have a boatload to spend. Have you ever heard of this before?

Wow thats definently weird. I wont be home till much later in the afternoon but i will look up the wiring diagram and go from there. Hopefully some other people can help in the meantime

Thank you very much. I think that it may just be something silly. At lest, I hope it is.

It may sound simple, and believe me, when it comes to electrical and mechanical aspects of any new vehicle I am a layman. however, try cleaning the wire harnesses. I had a similar problem for almost a year before I took it into the shop. they gave it a quick clean and now my 4x4 works like a charm. just a thought xhomerjayz

trying to figure out how to upload a pdf didnt forget about you


hope that helps, it definitely is connected, check the wiring, disconnect the battery and disconnect the module. make sure nothing is crossed and the terminals in the module arent bent or anything. reconnect the module and the battery with a fresh fuse and see if it pops. if it does look under the brake pedal for the shift sensor and make sure its not grounding out or any bare wires hitting metal. those are the obvious suggestions and we'll go from there. also make sure the correct fuse is in the right spots, sounds silly but sometimes it isnt

Hey VictorV
I actually did all of the stuff you mentioned, and the fuse still pops. I had a mechanic do it as well and he says that he has no clue. I am ready to pull out my hair. Thank you for helping, I really appreciate it.

hmmmm well i would take it to a different mechanic. your into a wiring problem which is costly. basically everything that is connected to the fuse that is blowing has to be checked. somehow there is something grounding out causing that fuse to pop. Ill think of some more stuff and get back to you