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4x4 problems

explorer 02 don

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September 11, 2022
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02 expl limited 4.64x4
So I just got a 2002 Ford explorer limited 4x4 with the 4.6 I've been having problems with the four-wheel drive not engaging at all completely dead I replaced the control module but when I did the stereo door chime came on without the key on or key in the ignition and when I turn the key on it immediately blew the fuse for the release on this gear shift the four-wheel drive low light lights up and on the dash the four wheel light lights up but there's no shift or engaged from the transfer case I got the control module I'm at a loss pass this point

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welcome to EF! is the tcase shift motor good?

Sounds like the problem is at the transfer case or the wires going to it. It is quite possible that someone has done what we call the "brown wire mod" on it. This is done by using a switch to manually bypass the awd/4wd. Look for a switch somewhere that is not factory. A toggle or rocker switch. Also, there is a brown wire on the transfer case that is kind of separate from the others. Check to make sure that it has not been cut or spliced. It sounds like your controls for the 4x4 are working properly, but the transfer case is either disabled, or not getting the signals to shift.

I would put the old 4x4cm back in (motorolla box right?)
And look at the shift motor, it is the cause of 99% of 4x4 ESOF issues

the new 4x4cm caused chimes to go off and fuse to blow = sounds like it is not the correct part for your truck

So checked all the wiring checked for the brown wire mod no one admitted it and come to find out it was just shift motor itself I believe haven't replaced it yet as lost reverse overdrive first and second yesterday so got to address the issues with having a transmission first LOL

Yikes. I'm sorry to hear that. Sounds like you may have lost your overdrive sprag. Had to replace one on one of mine once.