4x4, street tires, and foot of snow.... tonight was fun. | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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4x4, street tires, and foot of snow.... tonight was fun.


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May 22, 2008
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Jackson, Tennessee
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'91 Sport / '84 Ranger S
So my dad and I were in my sport and my mom and brother were in the limited, My moms first time driving in 4x4.......ever, scared the shipoop out of her. She had the wheels cut completely to the right and everything was binding like hell, and of coarse I have street tires so we slid around heading back to her. was fun seeing everyone stuck in their 2wd chevys.

And they do not trust me driving in snow, my dad got my truck down i what looked to be a 3 foot deep, 75 degree incline ditch.Mom got stuck with the AT's but not once did the streets fail us lol. put them both in lo4 and didnt have to use the brakes on the rest of the trip.

Would have been more fun with just us guys in the ex's but still pretty fun.

Finally got to use my 4wd.... Supprised there were no shattered auto hubs.

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hehe, thats a nearly daily occurance for me during the winter where I live.. my old 92 has bad front u-joints (so loose you can move the axle shafts about 3/16 inch in any direction you choose), 2 different size street tires (non of which are any good), and snow from the Lake MIchigan snow machine all add up to lots of fun!

I dont even use 4wheel drive at all, except to get up the small hill right at the end of my driveway, and even then, as soon as the rear (or front depending on direction I am pointed) tires hit the road (or at least over the 6" lump at the end of the drive), I am pushing the button to put it back into 2 wheel..

you dont need 4wd for much driving in the snow, if you know what your doing. not knocking anyone's abilities, but I do it for 3-4 months a year, just about every day.. In fact, as I type this, its snowing here!

ps.. I even drive the wife's 2wd GMC sierra pickup around in it without problems.. yes 2wd, and maybe 150lbs of weight in the bed.

I dont get as bad as you but even in lower michigan we still get decent snow. Its the funnest thing to drive in, drifting corners and lights is the best. Police just wave and dont even pull you over, i love it.

yeah, I could have pulled it off in 2wd, but I thought it was a nice chance to give everything a good run. maybe 4 times a year, at most, would 4wd be useful for daily driving.

I would like to live somewhere with more snow, but I do not see it happening any time soon, oh and it was amazing seeing how many 4x4 were stuck also. I think everyone down here just panics when they see snow.

oh and the 2wd thing, I know it can be done, but I was meaning it was funny seeing all the kids with the lifted 2wd chevys stuck because any other time it would be them running their mouths off. lol

I know about all the people who dont know how to drive in snow, even up here where I live, a full 70% of the people dont know how to drive in the snow. they rely on 4wd, ABS, and most of all, ***** when they can't go anywhere when the road is covered in ice..

Yeah man, they end up running all over some ones things or hurting someone... I would have never thought there would be people who couldn't drive in it when it snows that much up there.