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4x4 Transmission Problems


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April 2, 2006
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92 XLT
Hi just bought a 92 XLT with auto tranny w/ overdrive and the transmission sticks in 2nd gear when it gets warmed up. The transmission has about 160K on it so I am thinking it could be a clutch problem. I was told it also could be a 2/3 accumulator and that that was a bad problem on these things. Can someone point me in the right direction?
Thank You

Welcome to this forum! The correct place to post future transmission questions would be in the transmission section. You do have clutch plates within the transmission, but it shouldn't be confused with the clutch that is used on a manual transmission. The valve body has the accumulator that somebody mentioned to you. When was the last time the fluid, and filter were replaced? Did you try to adjust the intermediate band? This is the middle adjustment. The first one in the front is for the overdrive. Did you check the vacuum hose going to the modulator? If fluid is in there, then the modulator is no good.