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5.0 4r70w bw4406 swap help

Just swapped a 5.0 motor and trans into my 96 Eddie I have a couple issues with it though

The bw4406 is out of a 97 expedition and the stock speed sensor that was on it got broken off during transportation. So now I don't know if I should order a new speed sensor for a 97 expedition or see if the stock v8 or v6 sensor would work?

My 4wd doesn't seem to work, the front dive shaft spins when engaged in 4wd but the front tires do not. I checked the vacuum lines to the axel disconnect and everything seems to still be hooked up, maybe I'm missing somthing any ideas?

My power steering feels air bound, it's verry choppy. Does anyone know the proper procedure to bleed the system?

Start the engine and turn the steering wheel lock to lock about 40 times, should help get the air out.

Buy the speed sensor for the expedition.

Im not 100% but most likely even though the vacuum lines are hooked up on the disconnect, i doubt anything is sending a signal to "connect" the axle.

Ok I'll try that with the steering and thanks for your input on the sensor but I don't understand how it wouldn't be getting a signal because the 4wd gem is still the same and hasn't been touched. I get 4x4 lights on the dash. I gues I'll check the wiring and look if I missed anything

Ok so I've got the speed sensor worked out for now but I'm pretty stumped on the 4wd. Does anyone know a way to "jump out" the axle disconnect to check if it's working? I haven't had time to look up a schematic on it. Pluss there's about a foot of snow on the way for Thursday so having 4wd by then would be nice