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5.0 awd broken transfer case.


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October 16, 2014
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Hey all. I have a 2000 ranger that has the awd drivetrain out of a 2000 5.0 mountaineer. I'm getting a noise from under the truck right buy the transfer case. It almost sounds like ether a clocking sounds. Or a seezed up u joint. It is drive line related. List of what's new. Front driveshaft, both CV axles, sway bar links. I replaced the whole front driveshaft with a new one last fall. Probably has 8,000 miles on it. It seems like it's coming right by the CV joint in front of the t case. The only movement I can feel is if I put my fingers between the transfer case and the output shaft. The front driveshaft seems tight. It started out as a popping sound when shifting into reverse, or moving forward. I cannot make the noise if I put it in drive and use the brake to put a load on it. It makes the same noise as a seezed u joint.

Update. Pulled the front driveshaft. Drove the truck. Noise when away. The only time the CV joint has no play in it is if it's collapsed all the way. If it's pull out even 1/4-1/2" it has play in it. When i move it back and forth it feels like there is no greese in it. The boot is not ripped at all. But pushing the CV joint in and out has resistance like all the grease in it is gone.

You need to buy a top quality joint and install it on the shaft. The cheap reman driveshafts will not last in the Explorer. I’m surprised you got 8,000 miles out of it.