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5.0 Exhaust Thread

Best exhaust for modded 5.0 Explorer-Mountaineer

  • Dual exit with flowmaster-

    Votes: 162 41.2%
  • Dual exit with thrush turbo

    Votes: 27 6.9%
  • Single exit 70 series 2.5" tailpipe-rear cats removed

    Votes: 53 13.5%
  • Single exit with 3" tailpipe-rear cats removed

    Votes: 81 20.6%
  • Other--please specify in post

    Votes: 70 17.8%

  • Total voters

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I would say... remove all four stock cats and go with a set of high-flow cats then bring the two pipes together and have an X pipe formed into it then run your choice of muffler (Borla, Magnaflow, CGS, Flowmaster), one for each pipe, then have it exit out the back.

Thats what im about to do to mine.

X pipe will gain high end but lose low end

I have heard countless times my Explorer has the perfect setup for a 5.0L with power adders, stock down pipes with stock cats, no secondary cat. Dual inlet 2.5" muffler with single 3" out, into a 2.5" pipe dumping out behind the pass wheel

Robert with TM headers gave me high marks for this setup, its simple and retains good backpressure for the 5.0L Explorer computer.

My BII is pretty much the same but with a 3" pipe out the back

both trucks run Torque monster headers

My current exhaust, which I am not happy with is

this Y pipe


Followed by this muffler and turndown


The muffler is a Thrush turbo muffler. I removed the dynomax which was in the front picture after I installed my headers because it was too loud. Now that the thrush is broken in, its almost as loud, and I don't think I have enough back pressure.

I was thinking about a dual in single out muffler, but I want a quiet one, I'm moving to a quiet neighborhood. And I have to turn my truck off at drive troughs so they can hear me, at the bank especially.

EDIT: Oh and my secondary cats are long gone-

Made a poll--ok?
Also adding pics of stock exhaust for reference

Driver side engine bay showing down tube clearance, looking in under the upper control arm

Driver side ( bank 2) down-pipe drive line clearance. No room for a cat converter here either. Note bank 2 sensor 1 ( upstream tuning o2 sensor) location. Cat has to be under the transmission to fit.

Now to passenger side (bank 1) down-pipe connection

Passenger (Bank 1) primary cat converter location

Passenger side ( bank 1 sensor 1 -Tuning o2 sensor) location in primary cat. Looking over frame rail
This shows driver side (bank 2) tube running under driver side ( bank 1) primary cat

Bank 2 pipe now bends back up to run along bank 1 pipe under cross member

Then along the side of transfer case tucked in the side of skid plate
To the rear cats - Rear 02 sensors are in tubing upstream of these.

Then to a dual in single out configuration muffler with a resonator behind it

View attachment 150327

Didnt think of a poll?? Brilliant!!!

yes a dual inlet single outlet muffler will scavenge the exhaust better then a Y pipe, or so I have been told

I am no exhaust expert I can only share what they tell me

I can tell you that with the explorer I gained mass low end torque after the exhaust was installed compared to driving it down there with nothing after the secondary 5.0L cat converters

My old system--I had glasspacks before this setup
Flowmaster 50 series dual in-dual out 2.5"
3.5" x 12" megaphone tips

I do not like a dual pipe setup on an explorer--
The risks outweigh the benefit--if any.


  • dual exhaust with spare.jpg
    dual exhaust with spare.jpg
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I had the rear cats gutted and 2 thrush glass packs with dual exit. I think it sounded great and preformed great.

my muffler is made by "flo pro"
I dont need no stinkin name brand mufflers, not when I tend to rip them out every 2 years for whatever reason

My Exhaust guy I trust ALOT, hes a good friend and knows his stuff
This is the muffler he recommended and well it sounds like a 3 chamber flomaster really

Just the other day I was at the tire shop picking up 2 of my used 35" MTR's (they replaced, held them for me because I could only haul 2 at a time), I was driving the explorer and the shop manager guy who helped me with the tires was a big import tuner guy. He saw my ex, it was idling, and he says "Man I had no idea an explorer could sound like that!", looks a bit more, "ceramic headers and obviously a cam" he was really impressed with the truck and he could tell just from the exhaust at idle I had a cam, so we talked about how they came with the GT-40 5.0L V8 I think hes now in the market for one hahaha

At the boat ramp I have gotten many many compliments on the sound of my BII, same muffler on that truck too

It sounds fan friggin tastic
The ex has a nice tone to it with the cam and it absolutely screams when you hit it, turns heads

I will have to get some sound clips this week of both trucks

I do not like a dual pipe setup on an explorer--
The risks outweigh the benefit--if any.

I have been preaching this for years! Something we learned a long time ago from the Early Bronco guys who came way before us....

SBF + truck: single = torque
SBF + car: dual = not as important

plus with a transfer case and spare tire, why bother?
Unless your explorer is a drag truck or boosted

About how big is that Flo Pro you have? I found a dual 2.5 / single 2.5 in a 14" long case FP727 on the Flo Prow website


EDIT or the same inlets and outlets on a 18" long case FP736

I can only assume the bigger case would be quieter?

Excuse the dirt--muddy road + fat street tires= weeee

Here is my "mega" Muff--yes it is ghetto looking, but it is the best sounding, and performing so far--
besides--it will get smashed someday, I'm sure.
It is used from a 8.6l (?) GM heavy duty truck, dual 2.5" in, single 3" out. I have a 2.5" tailpipe for fitment, but will go to a 3" when I lift the truck, if possible.

The muffler itself is 26" long, 13" high, and 13" wide, has 6" spread on inlet tubes--so a bend had to be made from the rear cat entrance tube

This completely filled the rear cat-muffler area, as you can see in the picture.It is 1/8" from the floor shield.

A straight cut tailpipe at 45 away from ****pit proved quieter than a turndown.

Sounds like this-



  • exhaust 006.jpg
    exhaust 006.jpg
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  • exhaust 005.jpg
    exhaust 005.jpg
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  • exhaust 004.jpg
    exhaust 004.jpg
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I will see about getting vids of mine and pics soon real soon....

I recommend MAC catbacks. They bolt directly on 3" mandrel bends and will make more power than a dual setup. Hence,that is why I sell them.


For the 5.0L setups I assume the MAC cat back retains the secondary cat converters? Its hard to get gains and sound from the 5.0L leaving those suckers in place IMO

I think I am going to go with a Magnaflow 2.5 dual in 2.5 dual out, all welded stainless muffler. The guy at the muffler shop said his distributor quit carrying the FloPro I wanted. He will install it all for under $150 - doesn't sound too bad to me. That is counting new pipes from the cats back to the muffler, then a 2.5" tailpipe out the back.

dual or single out?

here's the best pic of the muffler I have on my BII:

Flo Pro dual 2.5" inlet, single 3" outlet:

Not sure of the dimensions but I could measure it

On the Explorer:

Again Flo Pro dual 2.5" Inlet, single 3" outlet muffler ( I told you my exhaust guys kick butt, look at those welds and the bends, better each time I go there, also the hangers they used for me are STOUT after breaking two they re-did the BII 100% using off round style mounts, no rubber do nuts on these rigs)

But this time 2.5" pipe out the back with a stainless tip:

I will get some sound clips, its friggin snowing again hahaha

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