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5.0 header question...please help


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February 4, 2002
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99 xlt
I talked with a guy the other day who is pretty well caught up in the explorer mod business and he told me that the headers made for 97-98 models should fit my 99 5.0 He said however, that the 96's the older gt-40 heads and therefore would not fit. Does anyone know anything about this. I'm tryin to find some headers for mine...but cant...so i am now trying to see what headers...if any will fit mine. I saw some Ford motorsport headers for sale on summit racing for a 97-98...but am not positive if they will fit. Thanks for your help in advance.

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I have a 1997 explorer engine with the GT40-P heads. You should have these on your truck as well. The only headers I could find were the For Racing Performance Parts headers. They are the ones summit has.

The only thing I needed to do to get them on was weld on an ERG fitting. Depending on the stock summit has on hand, they may have the headers with the fitting. Ford discontinued those and only sells without currently.

So then you bought the ones from summit that are for a 96? I do have the gt40p heads...where as the 96s have the regular gt40 ones. So other than the egr...everything else lines up? How terribly bad was the install? I appreciate it..

The header fit amazingly well. The egr nipple was easy enough to align and weld. I had a special case with the install though, as I was in the process of swaping in a new explorer V8 into my 1999 ranger 4x4. I did not have to deal with too tightof quarters or rusted stock exhaust. I would not expect the install to be too hard.

The headers I bought we FRPP # M-9430-E50. The catalog listes them for 1996 only, but they fit on my GT-40P heads fine. My heads have the GTP on the lower right corner by the head bolt, so I know they are "P's"

Good luck

awesome...thanks for your help. So with the egr...you just had to drill a hole for it then weld it in place on the header? Thanks, Bob...oh...most importantly...hows the performance and sound of em?

Performance increase is great over the stock exhaust manifolds, however it is still not as good as true headers would be - but no one makes them!

The sound is increadible, but i also have a 3.5" custom stainless exhaust system aft of the stock 2.5" dual cats.

For the fitting, tack it in place, put on the engine and check fittment to the egr tube, pul off, seam weld, then drill the hole. Be careful to align with the EGR tube, as it will crack due to heat cycling if under stress. And they cost $50 at the dealer!

intall cost?

I'm just curious, do any of you guys know how much it costs on avg. to install headers. All this drilling and welding sounds too complicated. Thanks.

I just received my GT-40P headers, and I noticed that it didn't have an EGR connection. What type of connection is the EGR connector on the headers, and where am I supposed to weld it?

You can cut the fitting off your current headers and weld onto your new headers, then drill a hole for exhaust flow. Really simple.

Originally posted by jjue
I just received my GT-40P headers, and I noticed that it didn't have an EGR connection. What type of connection is the EGR connector on the headers, and where am I supposed to weld it?

Are these from Summit?
Let us know how you like 'em after the install.


Well, you won't know for at least another 2 weeks since I'm leaving for Detroit on Sunday. By then, I might have decided whether to weld the connector or order the chip to delete EGR, but welding the connector looks like the more economical option for now.