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5.0 Intake manifold spacer PROBLEM


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April 11, 2007
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Chesterfield, MI
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98 mountaineer v8
So i'm breaking down my 5.0 so i can get the new motor in.. Orignal forum listing Any way. My intake manifold spacer is soaked in fuel.. like the whole thing. I havn't got that far yet, but i'm leaning twoards bad fuel injector timing or a sloppy timing chain?? Any ideas?

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So the timing chain was pretty sloppy. I don't know if its as helpful having a forum all to myself.

hmmm this is interesting

did the spacer get wet when you disconnected the fuel lines?
Why are you pulling the 5.0L? possibly a fuel problem?

the fuel is all way below the spacer. Somehow you either soaked it yourself, or, you have an amazing amount of cross cylinder mixture flow.

I am replacing a 5.0L in a 98 explorer RIGHT NOW

yesterday I disconnected the fuel lines, even though the truck has sat for like 6 months, it still poured out about 1/8 cup of fuel, right near the intakes....

I was down to a bare lower intake, but you could doscnnect the fuel lines at any time, the connections are right above the steering shaft

I def. didn't get any fuel on it myself. The upper was the first thing i pulled. The old timing set was shot. In the close to 20 some odd times i've pulled the intake off the last 10?. Either the gaskets (pre spacer) or spacer and gaskets had at least some fuel on the back 3-4 ports. I checked for leaks everytime, put a very small bit of grey rtv on the upper to lower gaskets to make sure there wasn't a leak on the spacer, even replaced the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rails as I thought it could be leaking and the vaccum line sucking in some fuel.

I'm so far into this project i'm afraid i'll never get done. My friend that is helping me took the liberty of talking me into rebuilding my trans while its out. So i have 2 motors, 2 sets of disasembled heads, and a transmission that is in pieces on the one car garage floor of the condo :)

fuel line leaking? The fuel lines run around the back of the intake on these engines

It has to be something like this, of course having the timing off and attempting to run the engine could result in lots of unburnt fuel, but how it gets above the lower intake I have no idea? up through the valves?

is there fuel in the oil?

How do you know it is gas?

I don't think its the fuel lines leaking. It seems to obvious. It is saturated though. My guess was the air fuel mixture getting pushed up through the valve thats closing late. A friend of mine suggested an intake leak letting the fuel vapor condense. Either way.. its not good. I've got some pictures of the project including the intake spacer i'll post in a little bit. I'm off to the car wash to powerwash the trans case and to pick up more brake cleaner.

Does anyone think the spacer will dry out or any way to clean the intake spacer ? Motors almost in.. just painting the engine comp. and trying to chase down some seal installers to finish the trans. These are the new heads. The intake valves are pretty big 1.9 and the exh are 1.84




Any updates?

Following this thread since I am doing similar work on my V8 swap. Engine looking nice and clean. You did any work on your engine?

What made you paint your block black? I like the look but just wonder if its hard to see leaks. Or maybe thats the point.