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5.0 Mustang cam swap ?

my white eddie

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January 2, 2013
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Mansfield, Ohio
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1997 Explorer EB-now 4X4
Does anyone have any knowledge on how a 97 5.0 Explorer would
handle a 91 Mustang stock cam? I have to pull intake and valve
covers and I have an old stock cam just laying here, but wondered
how the computer would react. I do know that "heavier" valve springs are also a must if I do this swap. Just thought a little more pep would be cool while its apart, but not if causes any ill side effects or requires expensive
PCM modification. Input and advice greatly welcomed.

You do know that there is not enough clearance for the cam to slide out of your Explorer as it will hit the header panel.

IIRC you have to pull the engine to swap the cam.

as for it working, it will be fine. i have a stock foxbody (87-93) cam in my truck. i ran it like that with a tuner for i while, but got a tune and other things afterwords.

As it goes , gonna have to pull the engine anyway. This thing started
leaking oil at an alarming rate. The pan , front crank seal and valve
covers are all dumping oil. I also noticed that the intake seams to be
losing coolant from the front right corner. Half tempted just to put the
GT40 Heads on a fresh 88 Mustang motor I have and just drop it in.
Nothing set in stone yet with cam swap or engine swap but something
will happen soon.