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Completed Project 5.0 swap - w/ 4406

Use this prefix for completed projects that are not "How to" articles or threads asking for help.
13.6 @ 100mph, I have no idea though, hopefully faster.

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You guys are really close but a little too optimistic for 8.3:1 compression. I did a 4x4 launch and ran a 13.79 @ 97mph. It was extremely busy though and I feel like I should be able to pick up a tenth or 2.

Very good, that's a respectable place to be on a first run. That's about the same as a Lightning truck, which were 2WD and had 295mm tires.

Now post that in the time slip thread,
Official ET/MPH List

Solidly in the 13's is darn quick. Really quick.

That's a lot of tonnage accelerating really fast. I'm impressed.
Huge success. Congratulations.

Thanks guys!

That is impressive. You would give my 3valve Mustang one of of a run for sure.

Here is the video of my best run. You can see my jitter bug start in the video, I have a weak brake problem I need to figure out yet.


That is a pretty good run. Keep it up.

Yup, I'm impressed.
No question, Andrew has a rocket on his hands.

Very nice, no drama and it just goes straight.:salute:

It doesn't sound like it is winding out to a very high RPM either. What RPM do you normally shift at?

It's not... I had fuel delivery issues when I had it tunned so the 1-2 shift point is at 5,600 and the 2-3 is at 5,300.. I don't like it and believe I can shed some time in the 1/4 if I hold the shifts out longer. Next run I do I was going to manually shift it from 2-3 and hold it out closer to 6,000.

On the burn-out it held 6,000 through the 1-2 shift and didn't sound like it was too much.

If this expirement works I plan to have my tunner email a modified tune to hold the shifts out longer.

So as many of you know already I had a mishap involving a rocker stud at Carlisle. I was using the AFR studs that came with the heads (3/8") with scorpion roller rockers. The stud on the #1 exhaust cylinder broke at the base of the polyloc which seems like a manufacturing defect. The whole EF group at Carlisle pitched in to help out. Tim gave me a ride to my campground that night and picked me up saturday morning. I walked around the swap meet at the show for almost 2 hours and finally found someone selling 3/8" studs!!! Not exactly what i had but good enough to get it running. Long story short I reassembled it and made it to the show by 1pm on saturday.

I very carefully drove it the 400 miles to home and promptly tore it back apart. My solution, as with everything I do, was over kill. I ordered an identical set of scorpion rockers but designed to accept 7/16" studs along with new ARP 7/16" studs.


New on the left, old 3/8" on the right


Not sure if all of the upgrading was necessary but I'm confident I won't have anymore problems with that! ;)

Your definitely finding the weakest parts and then making them stronger.
Hopefully you wont be finding any more weak parts for a while.

Sure didn't take you long to do the 'real' fix.

Nothing wrong with overbuilding its the school of thought I'm from

no need for thanks andy. i dont thing we all wanted to see you broke down for the show. guess you were the "lucky" guy to receive the "carlisle curse" this year. you have to admit however, that was a fast tare down, parts find, and put back together when you think where it was done, and what you had to work with. i know we all felt better once you got there and were able to take the show in. also, i know we are all glad you made it home with no problems as well. i know i was literally trying to break evil before i went there, so if something happen, it happen here. also, there is no such thing as overkill.
also wanted to add, was great to meet you. i have to say (even though i have said it, but not on your thread) that is one clean explorer you have. white glove all the way. you have also done a dynamite job with everything you have done to it. hats off to ya!

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I couldn't have said it better Tim. Helping each other and making sure everybody makes it home is what it's all about! Glad to see you got her all fixed (the right way) and I don't see there being any more problems in there again!