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Completed Project 5.0 swap - w/ 4406

Use this prefix for completed projects that are not "How to" articles or threads asking for help.
I forgot about that K&N filter.

Try Amsoil for a filter that fits. They make enough size to generally fit most needs. They are better because they filter better, don't use oil, and last four years by vacuuming once a year. My oil was notably cleaner after installing one. They run about $35 for popular sizes.

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hmm.. so you haven't had any problems with the Amsoil filter then? I know that over oiling can cause MAF sensor problems but I never really trusted other filters that didn't use oil. The filter I would want from Amzoil is EaAU4070. It is showing retail for just under $62.

K&N does make couplers in various sizes. Do you know of anywhere else I can get them?

I did some checking and summit racing carries a lot of those addaptors. Here is a link to a 90 degree elbow that could possibly work..

What do you think of that? I prefer a stainless 1 piece but I was wondering if this would hurt flow at all.

That Amsoil you mention sounds like the one I used for the Volant intake for my 99 SOHC. It has been great, I only had to clean it after the first year. I haven't driven the truck for a long time(trans issues). I didn't need a coupler for the filter then, it fit onto the MAF lip.

Their retail prices are high, and the member prices are much lower. It's worth the $10 to become a member, then you can get the preferred prices.

I like that elbow you link to, that should work well. I'd search around more just to be sure nothing else is better you might like more. If you already like it the best, try that.

I didn't know that about Amzoil. So you're saying if I pay the $10 to be a member then I can get the filter for around $35? Sounds like a deal.

Here is another elbow I was considering.

You might have to click on the details on the spectre site to see what it is. I couldn't find a picture but it says it's 4" aluminum with a 4" leg & a 16" leg. I figure I could modify it to work. Better too long then too short.

I like that link you posted also so I guess I need to choose one and go with it. I like that the Spectre is extra long. They don't make them that long in 3.5" for some reason. From your experience do you think the 4" will fit? I'm not too worried about the hood clearence, I'm talking about other things like the radiator hose.

I haven't checked the stock hood clearance, and with the stock pipe being around 2.5-3" outside diameter, an extra inch may be tight. Do a quick check of the existing clearance, and the thickness from the radiator hose to the hood. It's a curved odd shape there, so it isn't a simple measurement to take.

I can check the Amsoil site later for pricing, I've got to get ready to do some things today.

Ok sounds good. Thanks!

I'm back from my trips. That EAAU4070 is $45.75 as a member, it has gone up I see. I think that's the exact one that fits the Volant air cleaner I have.

I bought one of their largest to attempt to build an air cleaner around it. That will be interesting.

I will be ordering a couple of things from them. I need oil for my lawn mower and pressure washer very soon. Thanks for reminding me.

ok thanks for looking! So when you say a member do you mean you are signed up as a dealer? Once I pay the dues it takes to be a dealer do I get the dealer pricing instantly?

Yes, and the basic membership is(was) $10 or $20, six months or a year IIRC.

There is a higher level of dealer program, for other benefits etc, but either does get you instant access to pricing etc.

I placed an order last night, I see that they now have many Mother's products.

They charge sales tax for everyone I believe, because the dealers exist in all states. Their shipping(S&H) is over 10% generally of the total order. So expect a final cost of near 20% above the net prices, assuming you have sales tax near 10%.

I bought two items of the Mother's line because it was less than on Amazon, even though I get free shipping there. It'll be about the same cost for those two, it just saved me from making another order just for those.

Amsoil's top oil is about $8 a quart, and fortunately now they carry many many oil weights. They used to only have one weight for the top oil, and just a couple for their two lower level oils. Now it looks like 3-4 weights for each level. The middle tier is around $6, and about $5 gets the entry level, which is still better than Mobil 1 etc.

That's their core story, the oil line.

Alright, I did the 6 month membership and ordered my air filter along with a bunch of other crap I may or may not use in the near future so I could get my prefered discount! lol

Now I have to get my intake tube parts coming. I did some measuring during lunch and I believe a 4" system will work. I have to do some more researching again to see what is available.

I hope that you can use what you ordered, and I called the TRE place to ask about the inlet pipes. They only have the 90* pipes with a short 3" leg on each end. So it would take welding or couplings to join those with a straight piece. They want $25-29 for the 15" straight pieces, for 3.5-4" sizes. I would prefer a single piece, but to start with using a coupling would do fine.

Oh ok. On the Spectre website it shows that there are a lot more options as far as lengths go in the 4".. the aluminum pipes are pricey though. Some of the larger leg ones are upwards of $100. That price is through summitracing. I saw that summit carries the entire Spectre line cheaper then what you can get it directly from Spectre for.

I'm thinking about using a 75 degree elbow instead of a 90 degree. That would keep it away from the radiator hose and run it more directly over the A/C line. Thoughts?

Do you mean to make the inlet pipe turn sooner, next to the MAF? That would help it get by the radiator hose, I hadn't thought of doing that.

I bought the large air filter and planned to build a box to take up as much of that corner space as possible. It will require cutting a good sized hole in the fender, and making the forward hole bigger. When I got the filter I wasn't sure it will work, it needs some space inside the air cleaner box.

Yeah that's what I mean is taking the corner sooner and leaving the airfilter at an angle to the side of the truck. Then I plan to make a "heat sheild" plate to seperate the filter from the engine as much as possible and sandwich it between the MAF housing and the filter mount, like most other aftermarket intake systems you see produced.

I'm thinking about getting this and praying that it is long enough. If I can use this instead of the much longer legged ones I will save around $80..

Then I would get this: 4" flex boot/ to connect to my throttle body using this 4" to 3 5/8" adaptor. On the MAF end I would just use a standard 4" coupler to connect the pipe to the MAF housing.

Then I need to find out which size (in millimeters) the air intake sensor is so I can order a grommet.

Looks great on "paper"!

I like those many choices, but the prices really jump with any longer legs, 16" etc. That is good research.

Well I ordered all the intake parts I think I need to make it work! Once I get them, I'll take pictures of them and post up the part numbers for anyone else who wants to do this.

Here are some pictures I got around to up loading





During lunch I ran to the exhaust shop and put my thottle body on which I modified the pull on. It is a 75mm BBK TB for a 86-95 mustang so I had to change the pull so I could use the Explorer throttle cables.

Here are a few pictures from today. The exhaust isn't even started yet but at least I got some good pictures of the underside with it on the lift! They "said" they would start on it next week.. I hope






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Very nice, I appreciate the effort put into cleaning and sealing that underside. I hope I can make some progress with mine soon too.