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5.0 swap


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January 22, 2015
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grand rapids, MI
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2014 PIU
I have a 99 4.0 EB

I picked up today a 97 5.0 AWD EB.

I'm looking to use the 97 as a donor to swap the 5.0 and 4R70W.

My only question is: Is it worth the effort?

My engine runs perfectly but my trans is going so i'd need to do that anyway.


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May 14, 2003
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Duluth, MN
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1999 Ex & Mounty
Because of the year differences, there will be electrical differences you will have to contend with in both the engine bay and the cab. Also, the fuel system on the 99 is returnless, whereas the 97 motor has a return back to tank. If you swap, you will have to add this return line to your 99. The fuel pump assembly will also need to be utilized from the 97. Personally, if you are going to swap, I would find a 99-01 5.0 truck and use that for a donor. I swapped in a 00 5.0 into my 99 4.0 sport and it was plug and play. You just have to plug the 5.0 engine bay harness into the firewall connectors. I ended up also using the dash harness from the 00 donor because i wanted to utilize the message center that the donor was equipped with.