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For Sale 5.0 V8 Explorer Express Supercharger kit, Tons of Extras!!!

For sale I have a Explorer Express Supercharger Kit for 1996-2001 Ford Explorer's with the 5.0 V-8. Obviously this kit will work on any 5.0 with explorer FEAD and running coil packs.

This kit is NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION, and this is most likely the LOWEST mileage kit out there.

I purchased this kit early this spring for my V-8 swapped Ranger from a member of a Ranger forum. He purchased it BRAND NEW in Spring of 2009 and ended up going a different route and never used the kit (Pictures of the kit when new below). The engine I installed it on was a 1998 5.0, in a 1998 ranger, install was EXTREMELY smooth and painless. I've put about 3,000 miles on the setup, and it hasn't missed a beat minus a Crank sensor that failed on me (this is obviously not due to the blower).

The Explorer Express kit includes:
Front Accessory Brackets
Custom Upper Intake Manifold
MP90 Magnusson designed supercharger (Don't be fooled by it being an M90, it holds boost strong with a cam without problems up to 6000RPM)
Custom intake elbow to work with an OEM Explorer "Intake Turn"
2.3" (5PSI) Keyed supercharger pulley (Not a press on, can removed with a regular old Pulley-Puller.)

This kit was purchased with an MSRP of $3800 new and is no longer made!!!

I'm obviously not asking $3300 for JUST the kit, despite it being out of production, and most likely the lowest mileage example, because I have purchased a number of components to ensure safe running of this kit that I'm including WITH it as well.

WITH THE KIT, I'm including:
255LPH Walbro fuel pump
30lb fuel injectors
2.0" (8PSI) Supercharger pulley
A/C Delete Serpentine belt
AEM UEGO Wideband A:F Gauge and sensor
AutoMeter "Phantom" Boost Gauge (White faced, green light, matches the Sport clusters)
2 pod A-Pillar gauge mount for 95-01 Explorer's, and 1995+ Rangers)
The original install manual, and a CD with the manual in scanned PDF Form.
An OEM 5.0 Explorer lower intake manifold (Blower is already installed, sealed, etc, etc on this manifold, so you can just drop it onto your engine, I've taken care of all the rest by leaving it on the manifold).

My truck Dyno'ed 250whp/300wtq with:
30lb injectors
255 Walbro
K+N Panel filter in OEM box
Catless exhaust (OEM headers)

Between me buying a "Summer Car" last month (2006 Mustang GT Convertible), which involves taking on a car payment, I've come to accept that I cannot have 2 money pits in spring next year while I'm house hunting.

Located in Warrenville IL, 60555. I can ship the kit for another $100 anywhere within the continental US.

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April 26, 2021
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