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5.0 Water pump bolts tip


March 3, 2014
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Mars Hill,NC
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I have a 2000 Ex 5.0 & found out about the PITA 2 bolts that get stuck that run through the timing cover.When I went to get the bolts out the one at the ps pump side the head snapped off & didn't want to have to cut/drill my timing cover & add something else to buy. I took off my alternator & ps pump brackets to get access to the cover.Took a torch to the timing cover to heat up where the bolt runs through it & the bolt came right out,don't heat the bolt up just the timing cover. Irwin makes some sockets for removing damaged/broken bolts & their smaller kit fits the broken bolts,hammered the 8mm one onto the broken bolt & heated up the timing cover & it came right out. If you heat up the bolt it will expand & still be stuck,heating the timing cover will give more room for the bolt & also take care of the corrosion, it will start to spit smoke out of the hole like crazy. Hopefully this will help someone else out, never had such troubles on a simple water pump job & not have broken bolts with the simple timing cover heat trick.