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5.0, zf-5, np205



hello everybody, figured id take the time to get a few pictures together and share my project with you guys. started with a 1995 ford explorer limited 4.0 v6, i just wasnt very happy with the auto from the get go and it just some kind of urge to modify stuff idk i cant help it.

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And without further ado i presuent to you my 1995 ford explorer i picked up for $800 with a blown transmission broken e brake, and a blown air ride

fast forward a long time later i got my hands on a wrecked non air ride v8 for cheep. a 1996, the most desirable 5.0 from an explorer because of the heads at that. to put it as simply as i can, i replaced the damaged body on the green explorer with my black body. i used all of the wiring and components from the green explorer as well as the interior. i upgraded a few other parts along the way. the black v6 up to this point was toast, transmission and rear end are garbage.

ill sell this bracket to anyone who wants it btw its for a 4.0 ohv and lets you keep your ac and put a second alternator. its pretty much home made.

got my hands on an new process-205 transfer case from craigslist.took me forever to find too, did the twin stick mod and bought the twin sticks from ebay. for whatever reason i decided i didnt like the rough texture, i committed myself to a lot of work. its not perfect but looks good imo

I bought a stock wight 50oz off balance if i recall correctly zoom brand flywheel from summit. A friend of a friend resurfaced it for free. I opted for an 11" zoom brand clutch. I also went with arp for the flywheel and pressure plate bolts. The pressure plate bolts for the 11" clutch use the outer holes on the flywheel, they ended up being ones for a "Chevy" but the thread was the same and it snugged down to whatever the piece of paper the clutch came with told me to torque it too.

The transmission mated right up, and bolted right in to the factory transmission mount, cleared the factory exhaust as well. The transfer case fits nice too, i have yet to fabricate a brace and mount for the transfer case itself. i hear the 4wd zf-5 tail housings are notorious for cracking.

Figured since the money train was on a down hill grade and i was buing cool parts id throw in some sound deadening, and go a step further and get some sound proofing as well. I still need to order exactly the same amount again to finish sound deadening and sound proofing the doors and roof.

The sound deadening itself.

THe sound proofing not to be confused with the deadening, itself...

originally i had a hand jack and some wood and thought i could make it work, it was sketch, and it failed. never again will i do it that way.

Duplicolor truck bed armor


Bought my self some come alongs, bought myself some wood, with my dads help built a structure.

you bet it picked it right up and set it back down like a champ!

3" body lift was required to clear the transmission.

i used a ranger clutch petal/brake assembly, bolted right up, the slave cylinder was also for a ranger, it fits right where the old automatic transmission line went through, and the reservoir has pre tapped place on the fenderwell. the hydraulic line was also for the ranger, and has the same style plug for the slave cylinder.


next on the list is custom drive line, tweecer, and a radiator. then i should be good to go get it bar'd

Very cool

holy pictures batman! very nice work.. looks like that has taken some time.

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wrong direction today. got my truck started to find out the transmission separator plate rubs on the flywheel...... i need to find a zf specific plate im assuming.