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5.0L Conv: Solenoid & sensor Pics & MISC Q's

Does anybody have pictures of what the TAB/TAD Solenoids and MAP/BPS Sensors looks like. I am going to be starting my conversion next month, and still need these parts for my wiring harness. I have a 1992 5.0L HO and a 1984 AOD tranny with AA adapter. :)

1. If my 1984 AOD was originally setup for carbuerated linkage system, to I have to change the TV lever on the tranny? :confused:
2.Has anybody have comments on the B&M sport shifter for the AOD tranny. +/-'s
3.Anybody thought of using a Radiator from a 1996 5.0L V8 EXPLORER for their conversion? I found one at a salvage yard.
4.Where can I get bolts to mate the engine and transmission....or what size are they? (I bought the engine and tranny seperate, so I dont have any!)

Thanks in advance for your contribution!!
Al Seybold :)
5.0l EFI project start date: DEC 20th 2001