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5.5 or 6 inch lift with 35" tires pics.

I like the JD kits the best, from research only, no hands on experience. I do good to keep gas in my explorer right now.

I don't want anyone to think I am attempting to highjack this thread, but it is kinda on topic.

Page 25 of Peterson's 4 wheel and off-road, March 2010. Number 7 middle right of the page.

Eastwood Tools Fender Finisher.


Anyone ever use this tool?
I mean it appears to be useful when you have to trim inner fenders back to fit larger tires.

My ex is only a lifetime away from getting a JD 5.5 inch stage III lift, paint, tires, rebuilt engine. That's only if the economy ever picks up and I find another job :rolleyes:

i used one like this on my old bmw 5 series to fit 275mm wide rear tires


truth be told, i never even thought of using a fender roller for an off road application! my bmw was the same general concept, tho (i had too much rubbing, and needed none) and the roller did its job and cured the problem.

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Do you guys know that trailmaster used to offer a aluminum 4 inch body lift?I have put over 45,000 miles on it since it was finished.And not everyone builds rock crawlers or mud trucks.It is fine for what it was built for.To drive on the street.No hack job on anything on the explorer.I have alot of time and money that went into the steering and evrything that was done to make it safe and dependable.And i have never had trouble with the ttb or the wheel bearings.There are a lot of explorers on here that I don't like the things that are done to them or the mods that were done.But I don't knock them because I respect the amount of time and fab work that went into them.Also without seeing them in person I can't judge the finished product.Alot of people should think about that before running off their mouth.I do mud it sometimes atleast I did include a picture of that.It all comes down to I like it and that is all that matters.

hell i like it,that thing is a beast:D:thumbsup:each his own

So i got a six inch lift kit from jackit, i installed it and i have alot of room. I was wondering if anyone had the 5.5 or 6 inch lift with the ttb with 35 inch tires and how it worked out. I looked for some pics and i could not find anything, i probably was looking in the right place. Thanks alot it just seems 33 inch tires are to small. Thanks again.

Where can I get a 6 in lift?

Anyone got any more pictures? I'm putting in the james duff stage 3 right now and trying to decide on 33's or 35's

it's a Ranger but the same lift kit, just have not put the box back on yet,

6 inch James Duff on 35's,,


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Cool, well I just ordered 35's, should look sweet

Finished the front, they do rub, will have to trim the fender at the rear and install flexy flares


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