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5.5 super lift with 2 inch coil spacers

January 30, 2003
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91 4x4 xlt
i am thinking about buyin a 5.5 superlift, and i wanted to put those 2 inch coil spacers in the front. i was wondering if that would fit. also i think the lift comes with 5.5 inch springs in the back but i only want the back to be 4 inches and the front 5.5 + the spacers. tell me if this is possible thanks

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It "might" be possible.

You see it depends

The camber shims on the upper ball joint will be maxed out with the spacers regardless of lift.

the easiest was yo explain it is like this.
You can add the F-150 spring seat (1-5/8" lift) to a stock truck no problem. However say you order a James Duff 3" lift, it comes with a 3" coil and a 2" axle pivot drop bracket. Even though they call it a 3" lift, only the coil is 3", everything else is 2" so your camber shims will already be near max, adding the coil spacer to this will not work.

So if the Superlift 5.5 system comes with a 5.5 coil and a true 5.5 drop bracket (without measuring I bet it's a 4" drop bracket) it would work only with a true 5.5 drop bracket.

So in reality I doubt it, why because currently I am running a 3" coil with a 2" drop bracket and the spacers, my truck cannot be aligned. This forced me to make my own bent beams to correct the problem so I dont keep eating up tires, either that or settle for less lift or new weaker drop brackets.......

Make sense? or did I just make it worse?
Different lift kits have different drop brackets/dimensions. The camber is only flexible to a point, beyond that you will not be able to align......

i get it thanks but is there a way i can get the 5.5 superlift and some get like an inch or two in the front ????

POSSIBLY. Meaning you may be able to use a 1" coil spacer, it all depends on the actual drop distance the Superlift axle pivot drop brackets provide. The stock axle pivot brackets drop 6" from the frame. The " 3" " Duff drop brackets drop 8", an actual 2" drop. If the Superlift brackets measure 11.5" from the frame then that is an actual 5.5" drop (keeping everything in phase) and a full coil spacer can be used, maxing out the camber shim.
HOWEVER I seriously doubt the Superlift brackets are that deep, I have not measured one but it seems to me that the lift makers are counting on the adjustable camber shims to make their lift work (I bet they drop 4")

Now Tough Country (Might be Rough Country ( I get them confused) now makes aaxle pivot bracket for different size lifts (All TTB's) with a built in ecenttric bolt for further adjustment of the camber, these might help somebody dial in their alignment even with a "stretched out" lift (maxed camber shims, 3 degrees for a 4x4, puts the upper ball joint under lots of stress too....)

Originally posted by smpfreerider69
i get it thanks but is there a way i can get the 5.5 superlift and some get like an inch or two in the front ????
Make sure when you get your Superlift kit that they don't send you the #118 front springs as they will not stand as tall as the upgraded 135 springs. In time the 118 springs will sag about an inch and you will have constant alignment problems.