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5.5 Superlift and More


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October 10, 2006
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Wall Township, New Jersey
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1991 EB 4dr
Ok boys, I have the credit card in front of me and I'm about to take the plunge and buy the 5.5 superlift. From looking around the best price I have found is Rocky Mountain Suspension, who sells it for about $702 + tax/ shipping.

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Does that appear to have everything? I don't see any Extended Sway bar links, but even without that I guess that is a good price.

With the first order of business laid out above me, the second thing im going to have to worry about is gearing. For the rear, I have tracked down a 97 Explorer 8.8 - Disc, 4.10, LS - Not bad for $200 although the Explorer seems to be sitting on the rotors in the yard :rolleyes:. I don't know if I shoudl chance grabbing that axle.

For the front gearing, I'm having trouble tracking down a 4.10 chunk or used gears, so I might have to buy a brand new gearset. Somehow, 4.10's are $300 plus and the 4.56 are about $170-$180. I would love 4.56's but I don't have the money to regear the disc 8.8, and I dont feel it would be the right choice to stick with the drum axle I have now with new gears.

If anyone can find a reasonable price on Reverse Cut Dana35 TTB gears, please help me out, haha. Additionally, I would love for someone to evaluate the purchase I'm about to make. Thanks for your time!

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With the Skyjacker kit you would still need to do the SOA. You can buy the brackets for cheap. The Skyjacker is also stronger and rides better than Stupidlift from what I've read.

What size tires are you going with and what kind of wheeling will you be doing? That should determine what gears you get.

I can get a set of 33 M/T's for next to nothing from a friend, but I would love to go with 35's. Right now being on a tight budget, it seems more feasable to grab that 4.10 geared rear axle.

So that Skyjacker lift that popped up looks good to you? I guess the only thing I was worried about was that it was designed for a Dana 28 or Ford 7.5 inch which might have smaller U-Bolts:dunno:. I guess it doesn't come with extended brake lines, but that is the least of my worries. As long as the bracketry, springs, hardware, and shocks are there with the pitman arm and they fix my Ex I'm going to jump on that deal.

EDIT: I am under the impression that this is basically the cheapest way for me to buy a Skyjacker or similar quality brand 6 inch suspension lift for my Explorer. It wouldn't be cheaper to piece together the kit bracket by bracket + coils and such would it?

So the seller got back to me. He claims there are rear blocks in the kit, which is odd to come in a lift kit for a truck that is SUA stock. Can anybody who owned this kit straighten me out, and possibly clue me into what comes in this kit/ what else I will need to buy/ what will or will not fit?

Thanks for reading about my dilemma!:confused:

That's why I said you would still need to get SOA brackets. The rangers are already SOA stock, so the blocks lift them.

That's def news to me - I thought that they were all Spring Under. Thanks Froader.

The Seller sent me this PDF of the kit intallation intructions. http://www.skyjacker.com/image/search/pdf/136RHK.pdf

Sorry to be a pain in the ass, but does it seem like this kit will bolt in/ fit correctly in the front of my first gen? I guess I can do a Spring Over for about $50 so thats no big deal, I'm just concerned about the front end as well as whether or not I'm getting a deal, haha. All I see everywhere are the class II kits, which are substantially more expensive but come with extended Radius arms and sway links etc. so I don't know how the prices compare.

Yeah, that Skyjacker is the one you want for the front.