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5 speed swap questions


January 16, 2018
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So i recemtly picked up yet another explorer (95) solely for the motor, knowing it had a bad trans (automatic). Loaded it up without any questions amd headed on my way. Turned out to be a 2wd. So my interest is now peaked at the endless possibilities of swaps. But my question is what 5 speed could i use with the 4.0? Ive been told by a buddy that the 5.0 is a bolt in swap with the 4.0 auto trans. Is this still true with the 5 speed? He also says the m50d from the f150 with the 300 6 cylinder is the same. Its going to be a project regardless what i do with it. But would like to 5 speed swap first then maybe dowm the line 5.0 swap it with out doing trans again as well

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The 4.0 has a different bolt pattern from the 4.9/5.0. If it's a 4.0 engine, you'd need a 2.9 or 4.0 5 speed from a Ranger, or a 4.0 transmission from an Explorer.

So the transmission from 4.0 wont work with a 5.0?

No, definitely not..

Ok thanks! My ford buddy has been feeding me false info for a while it seems lol

You need a M5R1 or M5R2 also know as M5OD-1 or 2

For which motor? From what im understanding the bellhousings are different?

M5ODR1 or M5ODHD are Ranger /Explorer 5 speed transmissions and you'd need one from a 2.9 or 4.0 to bolt up to a 4.0. For a 5.0,you'd need an M5ODR2. If memory serves, you'd need one from a 4.2, but I don't remember why that engine version is required. 4.9,5.0, and 351W/351C all used the same bolt pattern.

it does have to be from a F150 4.2 between 97-03 i believe. or can one from a F150 with a 302 in it. but the revision of the transmission does not matter if its m5r1 or 2. The 2 being a more beefy unit from what I have read.

The m5r1 is for v6s, the m5r2 is for v8s.

The m5r1 is for v6s, the m5r2 is for v8s.
R1 was also used behind the 2.3 liter 4 cylinder, for what it's worth. Essentially the R1 is a smaller transmission though. Not a generational thing at all, they're just built for different applications.

Sure, and probably the 3.0 too, but the bolt pattern is different for both of them and not swappable to a 4.0.

That's correct, I was just responding to the 'M5ODR1 for V6's' bit.

Even if the 4.0 transmission bolted up you’d be crazy to do it. The M5OD’s aren’t the beefiest transmissions available, but they are a step up from the 4R/5R.

unless you're speed shifting the m50r1 is a good trans behind a 4.0.