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5 speed Transmission swap


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June 29, 2009
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Catskill Mountains New York
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02 XLT, 95 LTD 98Mounty
I just snapped (cracked) the flywheel housing on my 4.0L 95 Limited auto trans.:mad: Not that I trust auto transmissions that much what do I do if I consider swapping from the 4 wheel drive selectable to a manual 5 speed and what is involved?
Should I stay with the auto in terms of cost?



since your truck is a 95 it has the OHV w/ 4r, now from my understanding you cannot go with a 5 speed 5r tranny unless you have a SOHC. Now if you went to a manual 5 spd I am sure there are write-ups for just that.

Its my understanding the 4.0 all have the same bell housing bolt pattern, only the fly wheel is not the same. stay within the year model you have and you should be able to find another one in the salvage yard to swap out with. I did the swap out with a 91 ex I had and drove it for 5 year still i sold it.
good luck