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555s problem


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May 10, 2014
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2003 Explorer
I jut rebuilt my 5r55s from a 2003 Explorer 4x4. New clutches, seals, bands torque converter etc. Also had the case machined and sleeved for the servos.

Problem is no 2nd or 5th. Air tested the tranny on the bench and all tested good, including the servos. The solenoid pack was not changed.

Getting a P0732 code.

If shifting manually, would the solenoid pack be involved still?

Any suggestions from people in the know?

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It would seem that the overdrive band is not being applied, if you are sure that the band is correctly installed I would suspect something in the valve body or solenoid block.

You said that you air checked the bands and servos, did you air check them in the small hole near the pan rail or did you air check the from under the valve body by blowing air into the brass sleeve that was installed?

Some sleeve have to be drilled once they are installed, if they forgot to drill the sleeve then the servo cant apply.

The solenoid block will still have to do its job even when shifting manually.

I did the air check using an air check plate bolted in place instead of the valve body. I am dropping the pan again. Which valve(s) in the valve body might be the culprit? Also, would you tell me more about air checking through the brass sleeve?

If you look up into the case with the valve body off you can see the brass sleeves that are installed. There is a hole in the sleeve to allow oil to apply the band. If you blow air in this hole you can see the servo move. You will need a air gun that can reach into the case.

This is what I use and it works on the servos well.



I dropped the valve body and checked the sleeves. They are cross drilled and an air check activates the servos. Put in a new solenoid block and buttoned it back up. Same thing. Mo second or fifth and a P0732 code.

Everything in this transmission is now new. Air checks show the servos are applying. The computer commands 2nd gear and a tap atthe plug shows that the solenoid is receiving ground from the module.

Well it looks like you may have to go back in the valve body, check all valves and springs especially ones that work with the overdrive band.

Did you rebuild this transmission for this reason or is this after rebuild problems?

The valve body is new. Rebuilt because one of the planetaries seized.

I am looking at possibly rebuilding my transmission and wondered where you had the machine work done to the case.

The low/reverse sprag clutch must HOLD against rotation only in 1st. gear and 2nd. gear.

Does the transmission pull normally if started in manual "1st" gear? If not, the sprag could be slipping.

Just a thought. imp